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You've seen it in department stores: glittering crystal stemware in different shapes and sizes, from massive goblets to delicate flutes. A beautiful set of glasses can enhance your dining experience and help you appreciate a wine's color and flavor. But which glass is best for your wine?

Some wine experts will tell you that size and shape are critical to your wine's taste; others will advocate different sets of glasses — one each for white, red, and sparkling wines. While spending a lot of money or owning several sets of glasses is unnecessary, here are a few things to keep in mind when you're choosing stemware.

  • Choose a glass with a bowl that's narrower at the top. This helps concentrate a wine's bouquet so you can appreciate not just the taste and look of your wine but the aroma too.
  • Avoid cut crystal and colored glasses. You want to appreciate the beautiful color of your wine without the glass getting in the way.
  • While a thin stem looks especially elegant, it can break easily. If you're looking for glasses for everyday use, choose ones with sturdier stems.
  • Some glasses feature a flared edge — the glass is wider at the top than the bottom — but this shape makes spilling more likely. Try the more standard, tapered shape, and look for a very thin lip. This helps the wine flow into your mouth more easily.
  • Stemless wineglasses are all the rage, and they look great on your table, but some experts believe that the heat from your hands can change your wine's flavor.


Most important, choose a set of glasses that matches your wine habits. If you drink wine only occasionally, you can find a good glass for about $6. If you're a connoisseur, some top-of-the-line models can go for as much as $100 each!