Dr. Connie Guttersen, R.D., Ph.D. is a nationally and internationally renowned registered dietitian and culinary professional, New York Times bestselling author of The Sonoma Diet and a sought-after instructor. She is a registered dietitian and nutrition instructor at the world famous Culinary Institute of America.

A leading expert on the health benefits of diets inspired by Mediterranean, Latin America and Asian cuisines, Dr. Guttersen has spent her career focusing on the development of flavorful and nutritious approaches to healthy eating and weight reduction. The Sonoma Diet and The Sonoma Cookbook effectively introduced delicious, flavorful recipes and meals that celebrate food, while helping you lose weight in the course of indulging in satisfying amounts of some of the best foods on the planet. In addition, in October 2011, The New Sonoma Cookbook was released with new Power Foods, new recipes, certified low glycemic, and a new food philosophy. The book’s success and following created a trend in the way people thought about healthful eating. 

Dr. Guttersen returns with The Love Diet, to be published by Harper One in spring of 2016. The Love Diet incorporates a whole health approach with new personalized meal plans, recipes, new tools to track progress and additional support for a richer, deeper experience to optimize personal health results.

A sought-after media personality, Dr. Guttersen has appeared on national broadcast programs, including The Today Show, The View, Fox & Friends, Extra, CNN and CNBC’s Power Lunch, and in articles in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, O, More, Woman’s World, US Weekly, and the New York Times, among others, discussing healthy food combinations and the importance of the joy of eating flavorful foods.

Her many accomplishments include developing the Standards of Care for the Obesity Treatment Center in Bellevue, Washington.  Dr. Guttersen has consulted with a broad range of corporations and Fortune 500 companies on food trends, including Kraft, Nestle, Marriott Hotels, Radisson Hotels, Hyatt Classic Residences, Bush Beans and Panera Bakery Café, on the topics of world flavors as healthy inspirations. As a guest speaker of the nationally acclaimed Harvard Medical School Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives program, Dr. Guttersen stresses the importance of flavor as a health issue in the latest treatments for obesity and metabolic disorders.  In addition, she served as a nutrition professor at Texas Christian University and continues her role as a member of the advisory board for the Department of Science and Engineering. Her recent appointment is as Nutrition Advisor to the CHEF program, a culinary medicine program funded by the Goldsbury Foundation in San Antonio, Texas. 

Dr. Guttersen lives in Northern California’s wine country with her husband and two children.