Recipes & Seasonings

Explore new recipes, culinary and wine tips, as well as the seasonal variations that bring the California wine country’s sun-drenched flavors and vibrant lifestyle into your home. It was important to me to bring this California - Mediterranean Way of cooking into your home so that you can create simple, flavorful meals that the entire family could sit down to and enjoy — wherever you live. Not surprisingly, learning to cook this way has the added benefit of making it easy to feel your best while enjoying delicious and satisfying meals. Whether you choose spice-rubbed, cedar plank–roasted salmon with grilled artichokes or roasted wine country beef with whole-grain mustard and mushrooms, our online recipes and cookbooks include easily found ingredients, fragrant spices and herbs, and an emphasis on your local seasonal bounty.

The experience of living in the wine country of California has had an immense impact on way of living, thinking about food, and enjoying meals. It has reminded me of the vale of dining as a family and making memories of the meals we share. It is my hope that these recipes lead to an inspiration for a better quality of life and a clearer idea of how delicious healthy can be.