The NEW Sonoma Diet

Originally created to provide people with a satisfying, healthy, and above all, delicious way to lose weight, the Sonoma Diet was designed by leading health expert and registered dietitian, Dr. Connie Guttersen. Now, her cutting-edge plan — inspired by the sun-drenched cuisines of the Mediterranean and California's wine country — is better than ever. The New Sonoma Diet(Sterling Publishing) features the latest in nutritional science and a feast of fresh recipes. Best of all, you can lose weight following the same principles that made the original one of the most popular plans of the decade: zero calorie counting, easy-to-follow menus, and no food category is off limits, even wine!

More than half of this edition is entirely new, including:

  • Detailed diet plans and menus
  • New Sonoma Express quick meals and Sonoma Made Simple, with a “cook once, eat twice” philosophy and time-saving kitchen strategies
  • New recipe ideas for family, gluten-free, and on-the-go meals, as well as breakfast
  • Ideas for entertaining wine country style, with food and wine pairings
  • The patented plate and bowl concept, which eliminates calorie counting
  • Breakthrough nutrition science, featuring the glycemic load measure
  • An updated list of the Sonoma 12 Power Foods
  • A pullout guide for on-the-go dining and grocery shopping
Discover why the cuisines of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sonoma Valley number amongst the healthiest — and most enjoyable! — in the world, and start living your svelte Sonoma Diet lifestyle today!

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